Jun. 15, 2022

HARRISBURG – Legislation to award members, civilian and military, of foreign nations has passed the state House, said Rep. Todd Polinchock (R-Bucks), who authored the measure.

“Honoring those who help our nation with awards is a simple way to express our appreciation for their efforts, bravery and sacrifices,” said Polinchock. “Other countries, such as Lithuania, have presented our guard with numerous medals and honors, thanking our servicemembers, but we have been unable to respond in such a manner.”

House Bill 2096 would allow recognition of civilians and military members of a friendly foreign nation by awarding them with the Pennsylvania Distinguished Service Medal, for meritorious service beyond the normal dictates of duty to our Commonwealth, and the Pennsylvania Meritorious Service Medal for service rendered to the Commonwealth while holding a position of great responsibility or providing meritorious service to veterans and their families on behalf of the Commonwealth.

House Bill 2096 will now move to the state Senate for consideration.

Representative Todd Polinchock
144th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Rene Morrow
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