Feb. 26, 2021

HARRISBURG – Rep. Todd Polinchock (R-Bucks) says Warrington and surrounding areas have received a grant to reimburse customers who paid surcharges and other costs due to PFAS found in their drinking water.

“Finally, the money our residents have been paying for clean water is returning to their wallets,” Polinchock said. “As I’ve said from the beginning, it’s absurd our people have had to pay for clean water as it was originally the governments fault in contaminating it.”

“We are thrilled to receive the ongoing support of Representative Polinchock and his colleagues as we have searched for the funding and solutions needed to help the Warrington water customers,” Robert C. Bender, executive director of the North Wales Water Authority, said.

North Wales Water Authority was awarded a $3.34 million grant in support of this project.

“Grant funds will be used to install filtration systems at municipal wells; installation of water mains; connections with Horsham, Warminster, and Warrington townships; and connection of up to 150 properties to the public water system. Grant funds will also be used to issue nearly $2.7 million in water account credits to current customers who previously paid surcharges, covering the water bill for about a year for the average residential customer,” Bender added.

The funding for this grant was made possible by a law introduced by Reps. Polinchock, Todd Stephens and Meghan Schroeder, so that locally paid state taxes stayed in the community to reimburse consumers and municipalities that spent millions to remove PFAS from drinking water.

For decades, the former Willow Grove Naval Air Station conducted military training exercises using aqueous film-forming foam in firefighter training activities. This foam contained PFAS and contaminated the drinking water supplies in the area. The cost of removing the contaminants has been passed on to ratepayers.

“We still have some major work to do, but I will continue to speak up for our residents and ensure that paying for clean water is not their problem,” Polinchock said.

Representative Todd Polinchock
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Grant to Refund Clean Water Surcharges Heads to Warrington Resident’s Wallets, Polinchock Says
Rep. Polinchock meets with Robert C. Bender, executive director of the North Wales Water Authority.